Proprietary angle to long-term investments.

Founded in 2002, Tarpon is an independent investment firm focused on public and private equities in Brazil. Tarpon aims to implement a highly focused investment strategy, pursuing opportunities that are often overlooked by other market participants, based on the development of a proprietary angle.

Our original thinking revolves around a flexible approach to public-private equities, investing in high-quality companies that are discounted relative to their intrinsic value, especially in sectors where we have developed expertise over the years.

We seek to develop a deep understanding of each company's products and services, management teams, incentives, operations, business cycles, stakeholders, as well as the key value drivers of our companies, aiming to achieve a high level of trust and conviction in our investment decisions

At Tarpon, we manage concentrated portfolios to be deeply engaged with a small number of companies, through a business owner mindset, aiming to maximize alpha generation.


Tarpon GT

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Intersection & Co- Investments

Tarpon Intersection

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Thematic: AgFood & Nature

Tarpon 10b

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Thematic: Niche Markets

Tarpon Niche

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Original ideas,
quality business.

Our People

Diversity of stories and talents, convergence of values and dreams.

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Investment management for endowments, foundations, pension plans, and other long-term investors.